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 Free Youth Coaching

   Free Coaching

               Parents and youth
                  Teen mothers
               Women in Transition

My vision is help women and I believe that there are times that everyone need help! I dd not always pay for the help or the advice I needed some things I was just blessed to receive and we have to give back that which was given to us.
Send me an email or call explaining your desire for coaching & why you are unable to afford to pay for coaching sessions.
Telephone 1-888-702- 7428

The 26 Alphabets Of Success

It is God's will for you to succeed in life.  The Lord has also planned for your success.  God has promised in the Bible.  Thou shalt have good success” (Joshua 1:8). God has made provisions for your academic success if only you will give Him chance in your life.  Follow the alphabets of success every day as you claim God's promise of good success

A  -Ambition for success

B  -Born to succeed

C  -Conviction for success

D  -Destined for success

E - Excellence in success
F  - Faith for success

G -Goals for success
H  - Height of success

I   - Industrious for success

J   -Justified to succeed

K  -Keyed for success

L   -Laboring to succeed

M  -Marked for success

N  - Named for success

O  -Outstanding in success
P   -Persistence for success

Q  -Quest for success
R  - Resolute to succeed

S -Study for success
T - Transformed to succeed

U  -Unicorn” of success
V -Vision of success

W- Winner of success
X  - X-ray of success

Y  -Yearning for success
Z   -Zealous for success