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Nurse Health Coach/Case Managers’
Nurse health coach/ case managers’ primary mission is to help and support clients in their overall healthcare choices. We will use a collaborative approach of assessing, planning, facilitating, coordinating and evaluating to ensure the most reliably care to our clients. We will act as the client’s wellness authority and advocate addressing all aspects of their health concerns and decisions. We use a client centered integrated health care delivery model.  This is done by cultivating a positive coordination and multidisciplinary team approach to programs and services, with their family, physicians, insurance company and any other aspects of their healthcare team that provide in- home services.  ​ Our team approach addresses all facets of their health such as: nutrition, disease or medication management as well as home safety.
Overall goals:
►To motivate clients,while cultivating positive health choices, self-care and enhancing patient understanding of their health conditions.​
►Educate on areas of Holistic Well-Being, ADL's
( Activities of Daily Living),  Nutrition & Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Blood Pressure Management, Diabetes, COPD, CHF, Dementia, Stress Management, Musculoskeletal and Pain Management.
►Support overall health plans and wellness goals.To have  happier and healthier lives as it relates to their health.
► Help to get in home services
 If you or a family member would like to have a free consultation please give us a call 1-888-702-7428 

Corporate Health  Wellness Team 
Overall focus connecting the mind- body and spirit for overall well being
► Educate on areas of Holistic Well-Being,  Nutrition & Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Blood Pressure &  Diabetes Management,
► Onsite chair massage
► Onsite foot detoxification
► Mental Well being